Pipe Rehabilitation




epros DrainLCRS - Lateral repair of burried main sewer pipes

How the epros®DrainLCR-S works

The epros®LCR-S system permanently seals main/lateral interfaces and lateral connections (DN 100 – DN 200) by installing either a LCR-S hat profile or an LCR-S liner from the main pipe (DN 135 – DN 600) up to a length of 600 mm. 

Absolute process control 

The repair unit - called LCR-S packer - is inserted in the existing accessholes of a main sewer pipe and pushed to the point of repair by a push rod reel system. In case of short distances and small pipe diameters this can be also done with a pneumatic push rod attached to the packer. The packer is equipped with a camera, a telescopic wheel system and a rotary drive for utmost maneuverability and orientation in the pipe. All operations are executed with the help of the external control unit. 

Smart tools to assist you

The monitoring camera installed on the packer assists in the positioning process. Once the LCR-S packer has reached the junction, the mouth piece of the LCR-S hat profile or LCR-S liner can be turned by means of the push rod reel system for proper alignment with the branch. 
A special designed lifting  mechanism, called "pathfinder", supports the correct positioning inside the sewer pipe at the damaged lateral connection. You can monitor all operations with the external control unit. 

Save installation through control mechanisms
Starting the inflation process is possible only after the lateral hose is locked in place. When the lateral packer hose has been completely inverted, a clear acoustic signal is given to indicate that the inversion process successfully is finalized. 

Curing at ambient temperatures
After complete inversion the pressure will be maintained until final cure. epros®Silicate resin systems as well as the fast curing EPROPOX FC resin systems are perfectly matching and cure within short time whilst giving you comfortable handling time during preparation. 
When the curing process is complete the packer is to be deflated. Then it can be removed from the pipe

Technical Components
Compressor, min. 300 L / 8 bar /power generator 250 V / 50 Hz / 2.5 A
Compressed air hose, 10 m
LCR-S control unit with monitor, 60 m hose package and camera
LCR-S Cobra reel system, 100 m with flex adapter
LCR-S rotary drive
LCR-S wheel set
LCR-S packer
LCR-S camera


Pipe Defect Types

Applicable Damages

  • Leaks with or without groundwater infiltration or exfiltration at pipe joints, pipe walls, junctions, transitions etc.
  • Displaced pipes, cracks and debris, ruptures
  • Mechanical wear
  • Corrosion

Inapplicable Damages

  • extreme pipe or joint offsets
  • broken or collapsed pipes
  • large cross-sectional reductions in conjunction with bedding problems
  • longitudinal cracks at pipe connections





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