WinCan VX

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Software for inspection and management of the waste water infrastructure

WinCan VX is the core of the entire WinCan product family. It offers the core functionality you need to collect pipe inspection data, organize it into a database, and generate inspection reports that graphically display the pipe and its defects. WinCan VX also allows you to manage data in the office post-inspection, share it with clients using free viewer software, and export it in a variety of formats. Various report templates present a concise summary of asset condition, and can be fully customized to individual needs.

  • Universal Compatibility
    WinCan VX works interchangeably with all major brands of pipe inspection cameras, and our continuous development of the platform means you can count on it to support emerging technologies before the competition.

  • Common platform
    WinCan VX streamlines the collection of pipe inspection data, and then makes that same data seamlessly available to engineers and management for analysis and reporting.

  • Supporting Beginners and Experts
    WinCan VX adapts to the capability of any user. Beginners unfamiliar with inspection codes can simply key in a term and WinCan VX will display all codes containing the term. Intermediate operators can navigate a hierarchical menu to drill down to the proper code. Experts can type in a portion of the code and WinCan will complete the observation without requiring any mouse clicks or window toggling.


  • Extendable Design

    • WinCan VX's modular architecture lets you add whatever additional functionality you need, including multiple inspection support, MPEG 1 / 2 / 4 or H.264 video compression, document management, MS-SQL or Oracle database support, side-scanning, laser profiling, and much more.
    • WinCan VX supports all major GIS systems (ArcGIS, Geomedia, etc.)
    • WinCan VX allows custom-defined filtering of inspection data.
    • Free viewing software means all WinCan VX data can be shared for free with clients.
    • WinCan VX can splice together incomplete portions of a section.
    • The text of individual observations can be colorcoded according to damage classification.
  • Flexible Reporting
    WinCan VX reports can be custom-tailored to the needs of any user. Text and pictures can be arranged as desired, the size of columns and lines can be adjusted, and dynamic values can be generated and stored for reuse. Custom reports can be built from the ground up, or by modifying any of the supplied report templates.


  • Entry-Level Mapping
    The WinCan VX core software can display inspection data on a GIS map, allowing assets and observations to be selected with a simple mouse click. Extended GIS capability is available with the WinCan GIS module.


  • Flexible Interface
    The various panels of the WinCan VX user interface can be resized, repositioned, and maximized / minimized to suit the needs of any user. Custom data fields and data types can also be created. Many other aspects of the interface can be customized, as well, including typeface, type size, field color and keyboard shortcuts.