Section Repair - Patching
Section Repair - Patching

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The epros®DrainPacker method

The epros®DrainPacker repair system is a sectional or point repair method for all types of wastewater and sewer pipes. The system uses epros® silicate resins (epros®ResinSystems) and chemically resistant CRF+ glass fibre


How the epros®DrainPacker method

A renovation packer carrying a resin-wetted 3-layered galss fiber may construction wrapped-arround is pushed with the help of air push rods or pulled by means of a rope to the point of repair.

The exact position of the point in need of repair is determined beforehand by TV inspection.


A permanent bond between the fibreglass mat and the host pipe wall

When the epros®DrainPacker has reached the correct position. It is gradually inflated by means of compressed air.

This causes the packer to expand towards the pipe wall and press the impregnated glass fibre mat in a tight fit againt the host pipe with excessive reaction resin penetrating into the damage.

This creates a permanent bond between the glass fibre mat and the host pipe wall.


A Pipe-In-pipe system

The resin-impregnated glass fibre mat will be cured at ambient temperature according to the resin manufacturer's instructions. The required cure times depend on the climatic conditions in the sewer. After complete cure of the reaction resin, the packer is deflated and removed from the pipe.

The cured glass fibre mat covers the full area of the repaired pipe section wihtout obstructing the service flow. The Pipe-in-pipe system thus created forms an integral system wiht the host pipe and fully meets the hydraulic requirements.



  • The components of the epros®DrainPacker process bond to all kinds of pipe maetrial, i.e. vitrified clay, plastic, steel etc. and provide a close and tight fit to HDPE pipes.

  • Excellent performance at extreme temperatures weather hot and cold.

  • Quick and easy installation.

  • No volatile organic compounds ( VOC ) ( styrene-free)

  • Virtually no shrinkage (<0.6%)

  • Tested to services life of 50+ years ( 10,000-hrs test )