Dolphin - L2 Pipe Inspection CCTV
Dolphin - L2 Pipe Inspection CCTV

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DOLPHIN-L2 large pipe robot consists of CCTV crawler, cable car, and smart controller ( tablet ).
DOLPHIN-L2 examines the damage and deformation of the pipeline, the blockage of the pipeline, and the disordered discharge in the underground pipeline
It can also detect the concentration level of toxic gases, temperature, humidity, siltations, and calculate the size of the obstacles in the pipe.


HD camera: 2 million pixels front and rear camera, with defogging, anti-scratch, and anti-condensation functions. 

Lens defogging: effectively prevents the outer surface of the lens from fogging, and quickly remove the water drops on the lens during the inspection
Obstacles overcome ability: the crawler chassis can be enlarged; climbing angle over 30°: anti-overturn alert function


Easy disassemble modular design: the camera, lifting frame and wheels can be quickly disassembled, and the camera can be directly connected to the crawler

Handheld controller: touch screen operation with app; match up with hand-grip controller; easy-to-operate and portable

Intelligent retractable cable: cable car with automatic retractable cable matching the running speed of the crawler that improves inspection efficiency



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