Pipe Cleaning & Jetting Nozzles

We can supply jetting nozzles for any type of high pressure jetting machine and has an extensive range of jetting nozzles in all types and sizes; suitable for all a diversity of blockage in drains up to 600mm.



Standard Cleaning Nozzles

Sile - Cellina
Small nozzles (conical or round head, 25o to 35o jet angle. For general cleaning, blockage penetrating, drains


Arzino (ellipse nozzles)
Egg shape nozzles with 15o rear jets, replaceable inserts. For general cleaning and long runs.


Vortex - Meduna - Livenza
High thrust nozzles with 1/2" connection for small drains. For general cleaning, vertical columns, pipes with 90o bends.








High Efficiency Cleaning Nozzles

Fara - Duranno - Canin
Grenade nozzles for high thrust and effective cleaning jobs. Heat treated alloy steel for durability, yellow zinc plating for corrosion resistance. Replaceable ceramic inserts. A deviator set inside the nozzle maximizes flow efficiency reducing pressure drop. For general cleaning, heavy debris removal (Fara and Duranno), sediment deposits, sand, slit and gravel, heavy sludge, long runs (Canin).



Tremol (Rotating Nozzles)
Rotating nozzle with 90o radial jets. Spinning action provides 360o pipe cleaning. For grease, soap, limestone, vertical columns (1/2" nozzle)


Raut (Tri-Head Nozzles)
Triangle nozzle with multiple front jets for penetrating through obstructions. Use for grease obstructions, blocked pipes, penetration in solid masses and total blockages.

Rondo (Fan-Jet Nozzles)
Grenade nozzle with fan jet set at 45o for 360o cleaning action. For grease removal, pipe cleaning before CCTV inspection.


Isonzo (Grenade Nozles)
Stainless steel grenade nozzle with ceramic inserts, 30o jets angle. For general cleaning mud sand and slit, ideal for concrete pipes.


Jets clean pipes more efficiently at a controlled and more productive speed. More power per jet resulting in superior root cutting and unmatached wall cleaning. Spend ad average of only 15 minutes per year replacing the seal. Hard hitting attack tip nozzles are field replaceable and keep the tool performaing at its best. Optional descaling heads, with two additional ports at 105o, maximize wall cleaning power. For roots, grease, ice blockage, hard mineral deposits, corrosion products, scale, soap.



Heavy Torpedo Nozzles for Sand and Mud

Torpedo nozzles are designed so that the jets are always oriented to the bottom of the pipe, optimizing water consumption. To be used with rotary swivel. Replaceable ceramic inserts. Use for sand, gravel, sludge, mud, slit, various sediments.


The most powerful nozzle for sand and debris removing from water bearing pipes and sewers from 400mm up to mega profile. Due to soft cleaning method (low jet angle) with low working pressure at the end of the injector-tube also order sewer system can be serviced without any problems and can be preserved for a longer life time. Replaceable ceramic inserts. To be used without rotary swivel. Use for sand and gravel removal from water bearing big profile pipes. Egg profile pipe (Powerjet 100)


Flat nozzle for low water-flow HP pumps. Use for sand, sludge, mud, slit in small flat pipes.


Mega nozzles are designed with heavier weight in order to provide maximum penetrating effect on mud, sand and various sediments. The multi-angle jets (with ceramic inserts) offer maximum cleaning effect and removal capacity in very large pipes. Suitable for high (Mega 6) or Medium (Mega 8) flow HP pumps. To be used with rotary swivel. Use for sand, gravel, sludge, mud, heavy debris removal in large profile pipes.


Root Cutters

Carinia - Friuli
Chain rotating nozzle with interchangeable heads. To be used with pipe centralizer. Chain must be set in relation to pipe diameter. Replaceable ceramic inserts. For a better performance, clean the pipe with a Grenade nozzle (Fara, Duranno, Isonzo, or Rondo) before using chain nozzle. Use for root removal, scaling, rust, damaged inliners.


Kombi root cutter can be set with multiple types of chains, rings, sprocket or special chains with blades, in relation to root size. To be used with pipe centralizer. Turbine Kombi nozzle gurantees optimum performance with water recycling systems. Replaceable ceramic inserts. Chains and centralizer have to be adjusted in relation to pipe diameter. Use for root removal, scaling, rust, damaged inliners.


Milling Nozzles

Penetrating nozzle with interchangeable steel (TA), carbide (TW) or chain bearing (TC) head. TC head available only for 1/2" and 3/4" nozzles (to be used with pipe centralizer). Use for blockages, total obtructions, stones, roots (TC).


This hydraulic milling system is used for removal of roots, mineral deposits, concrete, protruding laterals or preliminary to pipe rehabilitation jobs. Milling head and size of cage have to be set with different tools, flanges and skids in relation to pipe conditions and diameter.


Propeller Nozzles

Rodding nozzle with propeller rotating head. Use for roots, limestone, compact soil accumulation, obstructed pipes.



Propeller nozzle with carbide drilling head. Use for total blockages, stones, compacted soil accumulation.





Vibrating Nozzles

Heavy hammering nozzle for easy and fast removal of silts and mineral sedimentations at low working pressure. Rumax 100 can be set with different hammer rings in relation to pipe material and conditions. But it is not to be used in ceramic pipes. Use for limestone, concrete, mineral deposit, slag, building material.






Hose Guides, Manhole cover hooks, MEDUSA (Manhole washing device), Pipe Centralizer for root cutters and rotating nozzles, Rotary swivels, Spray guns and lances, Compensated spray gun, Forward jet nozzle for lance, Nozzle inserts and Spare parts for rotating nozzles.


Minijet kit hose, High pressure hoses, PVC suction hoses, Fittings and ferrules, Ball joints, Nipples (male/female adaptors)



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